2004 16 piece $50 Star note Sheet
  • So

    This is a RARE sheet as there were not that many made, as a sheet

    Lets runs some numbers!
    Lets say 1/2 of the 640,000 Star notes made during Run 3 were actually sheets!
    Now 320,000 / 32 = 10,000 sheets! Impossible! 1/8th were made into sheets!
    640,000 / 8 = 80,000 /32= 2,500 sheets >> now this is more like it.

    Now this is a GUESS but I believe only 1000 to 2000 sheets were actually made, but this is a guess!

    MAKE ME AN OFFER, a good offer, please-- I will not respond to dumb offers

    Shipping cost is Cheap! if you really figured out what GAS and Auto wear cost ya!